Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Four Short Essays from Second Course Students at the International University of Kyrgyzstan

Civil War in Kyrgyzstan by Elisa Norusbaeva

It's our future program but I hope that civil war won't happen. Our country is small and we can hold out together.

Why will it happen? I think its all about money. Our south part is poorer than the north. More farms, factories, and universities are situated here. The north land is very good for crops we can help the south. I couldn't help them but our president and parliament can- but they think about themselves. Our future is strained and I hope that our future will be good. Maybe Kyrgyzstan will be divided: one part will be connected to Kazakstan and another part to Uzbekistan and I don't want to be a citizen of Kazakstan or Uzbekistan. I live in Kyrgyzstan and want to stay here.
We should value and respect different kinds of ethnic people.

About Our Young People by Irina

I want to write a message about our young people, because in our days we have a big problem with young people. They are really rude, amoral, without any compassion towards surrounding people, especially towards an old people. They don't have any aims to build their life, to make a fitting life for their parents. They just like to smoke, drink alcohol, have an easy life.

I want to write some suggestions and my personal experience. Suggestions are very simple, people please don't be egoists, we need really virtuous people.

And my personal experience, I want lighing, smiling every day. But I can't. Because you are very indifferent towards pain of your citizens, friends, relatives, parents...

Keeping Bishkek Clean by Anara Boipoeva

In school the teachers must teach the rules of the street. My teacher explained to me that the trash contains dangerous things. The trash smells like air pollution. It smells unpleasant and distasteful. Trash contains viruses. It could make someone ill.

My neighbour Akul is 20. Sometimes he throws trash in the street. It is not good. Bishkek has many dirty places that could make us ill. Probably he doesn't understand. He will learn good habits in observing the behavior of people in the market.

I lived with my uncle and aunt in a flat. Near the building was rubbish. They have children and they play near the garbage. The younger child was often sick. I believe the reason was trash. The dustman doesn't clean up every week, & the trash cans always were full. So people threw the trash near the trash can.

I believe that the people will understand when they study the rules of the street and soon our city will be clean. Everybody hasn't spare time to study, but maybe they will force themselves. I hope next year many people will be educated, more than now.

Crime and Rape Problem by Zarina Sabaeva

I think the government should take some action on the problems of crime and rape. First they must increase police on the corners, on the street and protecting our houses. Second they must cut unemployment.

When I study at school one day my classmate was beaten by some criminals. They beat him only for his coat. As a result of this accident he lay in the hospital for three months because he had bad head injuries. Another day my girlfriends met some boys and they lied to them and they went home with them, but these boys couldn't rape them because when the girls screamed so loud in the flat neighbors came and saved them. It was awful. After this story they are frightened and now they never trust boys.

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annegb said...

I enjoyed your essays, kids. I call you kids because I have grandchildren almost your age. I love reading how the youth of today perceive the world. I love hearing about other parts of the world.

Zarina, student rape is a problem on American campuses, as well. Sometimes athletes rape girls and the college authorities try to protect them because they need the athletes. In America, defense attorneys often try to make the girl the bad guy, they try to call them sluts and imply they deserved it. This happens here.

Anara, your concern is echoed here as well. I think America is basically a clean country, but we have what we call environmentalists who lobby for more protection of the earth. They are often hated by people whose jobs depend on industry which pollutes the earth. It's a hard choice to make and there is a lot of polarity. Sometimes the environmentalists resort to violence, which causes them to be looked upon unfavorably by the general public.

Here, we have regular garbage pickup and the streets are clean. But I live in a small town and the people are industrious and clean and we have no factories that pollute. It isn't an easy solution.

Irina, I think American youth are spoiled. They don't often have the moral questions you ask at the forefront of their motivation. There are good kids, don't get me wrong, but generally, we are good to our children and they are not forced to choose good or evil. You are. And you are better for it. Although I wish I could give you the carefree life of an American teen.

Elisa, I'm sorry that you are having to worry about these things. This should be the best time of your young life.

My prayers are with you young people and your country, for you are the future. God bles you.