Thursday, May 25, 2006


By Lena Lee

In our country we have more than 20 criminal organizations, which threaten businessmen and persons who have money. But problem consists in situation in our country. As you know election of deputy to kenesh will be in the early future and one of the chiefs of criminal organizations will be nominated lat year 8 famous persons were killed in the Bishkek. One of them was General Chinibek Ather. It was a big scandal. Police made investigations and arrest Rispek Akmatbaev.

But I have personal story, my father was a victim of criminal organization, and fortunately he didn’t die, but his friend General Alimbaev was killed. My father was suffered by 5 bullets. This business wasn’t open and police doesn’t say anything about it. But they think that it was done by one criminal group who’s chief is Rispek Akmatbaev. And this criminal authority will be nominated to the election. I suppose that it isn’t right because many people know about his deals. He isn’t a good man who can be a deputy.


By Djekshenova Beka

I am worried about my life. Because there are a lot of things to worry about. When I think about our dark streets in the night its make me feel bad. It is very dangerous to walk down the streets alone, especially in the nighttime. I know that you would has “why are you walking in the night, sit at home!” but nevertheless people meet each other, celebrated, goes to dates, and everything happened in the evening or night. There are lucky people who have own vehicles or money to get home but there are many another people who couldn’t let it themselves.

I’m saying this, because I afraid of being raped or killed or something else. I met this risk many times. When I lived near the Osh Bazaar; it was very difficult to get home. There a lot of quantity of drunk, homeless and hungry men who are waiting the good moment to rob or kill someone.

I was catched up many times, but I was lucky. I’ve lived in the house that began to open a mini-motel in the apartments. And every man came there to take a prostitute. It was impossible to walk in the street; everyone called me prostitute and that they took me somewhere, even policemen came there. One evening when I was coming back home, few policemen catched me demanded the documents and threatened to take me away if I don’t prove that I’m simply live in that house. But such stories are happened everywhere in the city. The whole city is in darkness in the night.

They must set more light, more security officers on the street. But I don’t think that it will improve the situation. Nobody controlled in the streets. Even if there will be killing someone the people wouldn’t react on it and help him because they don’t want to have a problems.

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